Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors

Robert Hardy

For the past 30 years, Dr. Bob Hardy has been analyzing, conceptualizing, and developing corrective models to address the paradoxical observation that individuals, groups, and organizations, often work back against themselves developing Self-Defeating Behaviors (SDBs) and Self-Defeating Patterns of Behaviors.

These unproductive behavior patterns were formed as a result of negative experiences in our life. SDBs usually were discovered, by accident, to reduce an individual's anxiety in certain situations. The behaviors initially were effective, but over time as an individual matures and circumstances change they become SDBs. For example, the child who withdraws to avoid being criticized becomes the overly shy adult. But, even though an individual may be partially aware of their destructiveness, they remain, because they were so powerful in promoting earlier survival, and become deeply impressed in the memory system.

Since 1992, Dr. Hardy has been developing the theory to eliminate SDBs into an educational model. The power of this transformation is since the model is educational, individuals can learn the model, apply the information, and make a positive behavioral change in their lives — for good!